Here at SBS, I am proud of the multi-cultural School we are, currently hosting academics of 35 nationalities with students coming from 4 continents to study with us.  Of course, diversity is far more than nationality, and SBS aspires to be a place where individuals feel that they belong to, are included, and supported throughout all their academic career.  

In these pages we have created space to be able to highlight the University EDI strategy.  Although this is a separate page, we believe that EDI is interwoven through all aspects of life at our School; through recruitment of staff and students, how we manage individual circumstances, cultural expectations, educational approach, the research we invest in and the impact that creates.  It can be a complex area, affected by cultural and societal values outside of our University and school, however we are committed to ensuring that we respect each other and are continually supportive and inclusive of everyone.

Our EDI mission at the University of Southampton is to create an inclusive university community and our vision is that this is a community where, as an individual student or member of staff:

  • You feel welcomed for who you are, and this is a place where you feel that you can influence the way we do things now and in the future
  • ​You feel included and supported to reach your true potential
  • You are intellectually stretched and challenged
  • You value the diversity of the wider community and play your part in supporting the mission of inclusivity

And that as a community:

  • We intentionally create space and time to truly engage, listen and learn from each other​
  • We all actively take steps to understand the impact of our own actions and behaviours ​
  • We value and engage with each other by utilising our differences in order to create high quality work, research and education​
  • We intentionally lead and influence social change at both a local and national level – we are seen as innovative and bold leaders

What’s the difference between equality, diversity and inclusion?

For us at Southampton, we believe:

Equality means that every person has equal access to opportunities, without discrimination or less favourable treatment because of one or more of their characteristics.

Diversity is when we recognise and celebrate individuals for their uniqueness and what they have to offer, and the benefits this brings in diversity of thought, ideas and contributions to our community.

Inclusion means that we go beyond legal compliance to create a community and culture where everyone feels that they belong, it is safe to be who they are, and they feel valued for being themselves.

Staff networks

Here at the University of Southampton we have a range of networks helping to connect likeminded individuals.

They are a safe space where individuals can share their experiences and talk about both the challenges and opportunities they’ve faced previously, and those currently being faced​.

These networks help to create cultural change ​and shape the wider EDI work across the university.  They can bring grassroot issues to the attention of the leadership team and each network chair meets regularly with a member from the Institutional EDI Committee.

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Staff Network 

  • Raising awareness of and promoting race equality and cultural diversity at the University. All Black, Asian and minority ethnic staff. Both staff and postgraduate research students are welcome.  
  • Being a safe point of contact for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff  
  • Raising awareness of race equality and cultural diversity  

Disability Staff Network

  • For disabled staff and postgraduate research students, to promote an environment where people with disabilities are supported, valued and enabled to fulfil their potential.  
  • Providing a safe and supportive environment and networking opportunities to discuss issues relating to disability matters including an insight into the experiences of University staff and students.  
  • Promote positive attitudes towards staff with disabilities and raise awareness of Disability Equality.  


  • Working in partnership with the University to create a safe, inclusive and diverse working environment that encourages respect and equality for all, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity.  
  • Providing confidential advice and peer support  
  • Hosting networking events to introduce role models and to gauge the effects of policies on LGBT+ employees  

Parents and Carers Staff Network

  • Supporting the working lives of staff with caring responsibilities. The Network is a support system that goes beyond a monthly meeting, with new links and friendships always forming.  
  • We hold an organised skills or information workshop, often following members’ own suggestions. Speakers and facilitators may be University staff or invited guests. Many topics will be relevant to everyone. Others are more specialised.