At Southampton Business School we recognise the importance of education, both for our students who come here to study and for our own staff. As one of the UK’s top business schools we encourage and inspire the next generation of business leaders and through exceptional education ensure our students are ready for the challenges of the future.

Careers, Employability, Placements and Alumni Relations (CEPAR)

Within SBS CEPAR aims to develop our students’ experience and employability by

  1. Enabling Southampton Business School students to build their portfolio of technical and non-technical knowledge and skills from the beginning, and throughout, their student journey. Our students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of employability-enhancing experiences including, student innovation projects, virtual and in-person internships, working with business mentors, and the opportunity to solve real world business problems for employers through our experiential learning platforms.

  2. To continue to offer a high-quality, award-winning, Student Placements service, taking pride in working closely with employers locally, nationally, and internationally.  We have placed 100 students on average per year at well-known brand names as well as local SMEs and the team is very successful in developing exclusivity with employers by offering a bespoke recruitment service.

  3. Connecting, building, and partnering with Southampton Business School Alumni to create a mutually supportive community that benefits current students in different ways, including mentoring, guest lectures, networking, and work experience.

  4. To embed Experiential Learning throughout the curriculum to ensure that all students have the opportunity to engage in, real-world, experiences that will enable them to apply subject-specific knowledge, while at the same time developing their non-technical, transferable skills including problem-solving, teamwork, client liaison, and communication

Education Development Office

Southampton Business School is committed to providing an excellent educational experience for our students, and to support our staff in their efforts to achieve this. The Education Development Office (EDO) is a small team of 3 permanent staff which plays a key role in this, working in partnership with our lecturers and students. We also bring in undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research students to work with us during the year.

We work with all staff to sustain and improve the student experience within and outside the curriculum. We also offer undergraduate and postgraduate peer support schemes, which help new students transition to study at university, or adapt to life and study in the UK.

We seek to identify opportunities to enhance the student experience generally, and have developed and refined study skills and language support, and specialist research skill support for students preparing their dissertations.

Finally, we seek developmental opportunities for staff in their education-related work and to support their professional development. Student feedback is very important here, as are both individual and School needs, and we aim to provide suitable resources and sessions, and to learn from best practice in the School and sector.

The Centre for Higher Education Practice (CHEP)

Hosted with the Faculty of Social Sciences, CHEP actively supports our academic staff across the University in their own development.

In the area of education, it supports the attainment of the Higher Education Academy Fellowships, an international recognition of a commitment to professionalism in teaching and learning in higher education. This can be through a part-time, work-based taught programme, the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP), or a portfolio approach of Professional Recognition of Educator Practice (PREP).

CHEP are continually developing a variety of resources and support to enable academic staff to develop in their approach to Education, research and enterprise. From quick guides, podcasts, seminars with Research leaders, to scheduled ‘power hours of writing’ and workshops with Public policy makers.

Student Experiences

Cloee Goes
BSc Marketing with Placement Year 

“The lecturers are so warm, welcoming and friendly so they are really easy to approach when you need any help to consolidate your understanding! There is so much support available to you whenever you need it.  

I enjoy the discussion we have during our lectures and seminars. They allow us all to explore different opinions and perspectives and gives everyone a chance to input their ideas and thoughts to enrich the discussion.”   

Jake Lewis
BSc Marketing with Placement Year 

The most notable experience of my time studying at Southampton is that the staff don’t just want to lecture you…they actually want to teach you. The lecturers and professors take time to guide you through your studies and help you become a graduate and a person that they can be proud of.  

Anisha Kshetrapal
MSc Entrepreneurship and Management 

My lecturers were brilliant, and were always ready to take questions of students, and dedicate their time completely to answer any concern. Lecturers were great at facilitating the learning and made sure that students used their creativity to understand complex concepts