Jack Martyn, Data Insight Analyst

To me, ODAR means more than the sum of our parts. Individually we’re great, but together we are unstoppable. Our teamwork and collaboration ensure we smash targets, deliver our goals, and have a great time whilst doing this.

To anyone thinking of applying to ODAR, I’d say do it! It’s the best team I’ve worked in, not just because of the amazing work we do, but because the people make it a great place to be. I’m proud to work for such a brilliant team, where everyone is supportive, and wants the best for our community.

Felicity Hills, Donor Relations Manager

Over the past ten years, I’ve worked at several universities and in the charity sector but never before have I worked somewhere as ambitious, compassionate and inclusive as ODAR. I joined as Donor Relations Manager in February 2022 and before I even stepped inside the office I felt welcomed and supported, and this only grew as I become a part of the team. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my colleagues and seeing their passion for what we can achieve, and feeling that I’m a part of something bigger. I love working in ODAR, as I feel challenged in a positive way, with plenty of opportunities to develop my own skills and experience, along with being able to provide opportunities for my team to do the same.

Alan French, Data & Reporting Officer

It’s a bit of a cliché but what I would say to someone thinking of applying for a role in ODAR is that working here really is like having another family! Everyone’s always there for you when you need it, and I had no reservations about coming out to my team as I knew that everyone would be supportive. I feel totally comfortable bringing my “whole self” to work.

Antonia Sauvain, Development Manager

If you would like to work for a department where you feel valued and appreciated then I would recommend applying for a role within ODAR. Having started in the department over two years ago, I have been encouraged to develop my career and supported to reach my full potential. Regardless of seniority, opinions are always listened to and considered, which brings a feeling that you are always important to the team as a whole. The focus on wellbeing throughout the team, has meant that even on a really busy day, I enjoy coming to work.

Laura Drummond, Operations Manager

It sounds like a cliché I know, but ODAR really is one big family and it’s one I enjoy being part of every day. Whichever team you work in, there are always opportunities to get involved in alumni and staff events, graduation, and other aspects of volunteering, even if that’s not your usual role. We all play a part, no matter how big or small, in the success of reaching ODAR’s philanthropic, volunteering and engagement targets, and we celebrate as one collective team.

What ODAR helps to achieve really make a difference to our local community, the UK and worldwide and that’s something we’re so proud of. Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?!

If that’s not enough to tempt you, you should also know that ODAR cares about its people and there is always a friendly ear or a helpful hand. The team has adapted well to hybrid working and we enjoy the comforts of being at home alongside the social aspect of being in the office with colleagues. I cannot speak more highly of ODAR and am so thankful I made the decision to apply.