In the Office of Development & Alumni Relations (ODAR), our job is to galvanise our community to solve these challenges and to make a difference. I am proud to be the Director of this positive, high-achieving team and we’re really excited to be doubling in size over a three year period, in recognition of the importance placed on Southampton’s philanthropy and engagement.

We are planning our first University-wide fundraising and engagement campaign and together we want to raise more money and engage more alumni and friends with Southampton, so that we can change the world. We have the full support and investment of our University leadership, so there are exciting times ahead!

If you have intellectual curiosity, creative ideas and are enthusiastic about our mission then this is the team for you. We need people with direct experience or transferable skills and the interest and drive to take on a new challenge. We are actively determined to welcome a diverse group of colleagues into our inclusive team. Every day will be different, you will meet incredible people and the rewards will be huge.

Imagine fundraising for medical technologies that could cure cancer or dementia. Or engaging a volunteer who can help a student improve their graduate prospects. Or connecting alumni around the world and reawakening important friendships and partnerships. Or seeing the look on a student’s face when they learn they will be the first person in their family to attend University, thanks to an alumni-funded scholarship programme. That could be you if you join our team.

I wish I could illustrate more easily here just how brilliant it is to work within the ODAR team. I am inspired every day by the talent, creativity and kindness of my colleagues. The only thing holding us back is more talented people so please check out our opportunities.

Don’t hesitate to contact any of us in the team to talk through any of these important roles, we want to hear from you. Join us and help us to change the world.

Joanne Donahoe
Director, Office of Development and Alumni Relations