Key to ensuring a successful outcome is our initial meeting with key stakeholders to gain a complete understanding of the job and the context of the appointment along with the skills, experience and qualities sought for the post. At this meeting, a project plan is developed with delivery dates and communication plan agreed to ensure the campaign is brought to a successful conclusion and to the satisfaction of our clients.

Based upon this briefing meeting, we undertake a comprehensive global search to identify talent with the required skillset and experience. Our research team will carry out talent mapping of relevant institutions and organizations along with extensive networking and engagement across higher education and other relevant sectors.

Throughout the process we consult with our clients to provide regular updates on the search and check we are on the right track. We provide feedback from our initial research and throughout the process to highlight any challenges and barriers that we have found, which gives us the agility to navigate any challenges in a collaborative manner with our clients.


Based upon our global search, the TalentEdu team will discretely approach identified candidates with a compelling narrative along with a persuasive yet fair depiction of the job and university or organisation.

The TalentEdu team can create a campaign website and recruitment brochure to provide further details about the job and university as well as articulating your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to bring it to life and attract the best talent. We can also arrange for digital and print advertising and create engaging content to generate interest and engage your target audience.

The TalentEdu project team will engage with all applicants to screen, interview and assess the individual’s experience, leadership capabilities, skills and values. Our consultants use a fair and transparent selection process based upon the agreed criteria from the briefing meeting, job description and person specification to provide the longlist to our client with a summary of the search along with equality, diversity and inclusivity data.


At the longlist meeting we will provide our recommendations based upon our research and interaction with the longlisted candidates along with feedback and market insight gained from the search. At this meeting, we agree upon candidates that are of interest and carry out detailed interviews with the selected individuals, addressing any specific areas raised by the client. Following these interviews, the TalentEdu team delivers its detailed findings and advice to the client at the shortlist meeting to assist with selecting those for interview.

The TalentEdu team provides support throughout the interview process, liaising with our client to plan and coordinate the interviews and any assessments required. In addition, we are able to coordinate all the domestic and international travel arrangements for the interviews.

Our experienced team are perfectly placed through the rapport built up with the candidates to add real value to the salary negotiations, allowing us to navigate the complexities of this final stage and ensure both parties reach a successful outcome. Upon acceptance of the offer, we continue to work with both the institution and the candidate to coordinate any relocation logistics and any final preparations ahead of the start date. Of great importance is ensuring that those that are unsuccessful receive honest and constructive feedback to aid in their future career development and to leave them with a positive experience of the university and process.