Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) is at the centre of everything that we do. We are determined in our commitment to provide a supportive environment in which we value differences, respect diversity and treat each other with equality and respect.
We are an Athena Swan Silver Award Institution. We’ve been recognised for our ongoing commitment to addressing gender inequality.

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Our Mentoring

ECS has a thriving mentoring scheme that launched in 2017. The initiative is enriching our culture by providing a supportive environment for personal development. The mentoring process allows time and space for discussion and personal reflection. It is widely available and relevant to every individual in the School, irrespective of their level of seniority or job family.

Unlike other mentoring schemes used in companies and large institutions, individuals are not paired with a specific mentor. The ECS approach is open and welcoming, and the activities are separate from any line management structure.

ECS also runs an active Professional Training programme delivered by external and internal experts.

Wellbeing Champions

Fostering a positive and productive working environment is a key priority in ECS, and the School has two proactive Wellbeing Champions supporting our academic community. Professor Michael Ng offers regular Tai Chi sessions to ECS colleagues and staff demonstrated their skills at a recent Chinese New Year celebration in the city centre. He has further hosted well-received Kung Fu and virtual Chinese Baduanjin Health Qigong activities.

As part of her human performance research, Professor m.c. schraefel has been exploring how to translate complex interactions into approachable health practices. She runs a variety of health and wellbeing explorations that take the shape of seminars on the phyisology and neurology of stress through to six-week explorations of daily push ups. In these, her goal is to help the ECS community and beyond build the knowledge skills and practice both to feel and so perform better, across contexts.

Our Behaviour

Medicine is committed to creating a collegial environment that supports delivering high-quality, sustainable research and personal growth.

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