Improving patient outcomes by optimising healthcare interactions, including developing tools to enhance empathy and positive messages, evaluating agenda-setting within consultations, and detailed conversation analysis of video- and audio-recorded consultations to improve communication.

The ECS Web and Internet Science (WAIS) research group studies the interaction between the computational and human constituents of very large-scale information systems. Southampton’s Centre for Machine Intelligence (CMI) (link to sub-page) brings together researchers and practitioners in AI and Autonomous Systems to deliver the impact of machine intelligence to society, while the Centre for Health Technologies (CHT) (link to sub-page) works closely with clinical professionals to develop theoretical and practical AI solutions that deal with complex health data and improve diagnostic results.

Southampton is also home to the Web Science Institute (WSI), which leads cross-university research and training activities in Data Science, Web Science and AI. The WSI manages Centres for Doctoral Training in Web Science and Human Centred AI, provides online CPD courses, fosters enterprise and impact, influences public policy and coordinates with the UK Alan Turing Institute.