The ECS Centre for Health Technologies (CHT) was established in 2018 to facilitate coordination between ECS academics and practitioners in the health domain, such as the fields of e-health, healthcare technologies, wellbeing and rehabilitation. ECS has significant expertise spanning many areas in the health domain.

Impact is delivered by the CHT through:

  • The organisation of outreach events to facilitate matchmaking between health practitioners and ECS researchers.
  • Public briefing events at open days and science festivals to share knowledge of advancements in health technologies.
  • Promotional material including videos and social media posts to advertise the achievements of CMI members and the university at large.

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Case Study: End to end Covid-response

When the pandemic hit, Professor Hywel Morgan and his group designed, prototyped and tested a new protective respirator, PeRSo, that now has HSE approval. The PeRSo project united experts in ECS, engineering and medicine with industry partners. The respirator can be worn throughout a worker’s shift, is reusable and manufactured in the UK. The concept was published open-source and made available to other manufacturers and organisations around the world, facilitating an international response.

As the pandemic progressed, Professor Boniface and his team worked closely with NHS Trusts across the region to track and curate ‘suspected COVID’ and ‘positive COVID’ from first presentation to pre and post hospital admission. This includes trajectory events, physiological observations, drug interventions along with the baseline demographics and risk factors. This data characterises the full disease trajectory and treatment to medical stabilisation at discharge from secondary care either directly from hospital or via a step down virtual ward.

Moving forward, the team is working with clinicians, public health experts, and the Wessex Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) and Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust on Long Covid.