We work with hundreds of companies every year, keen to employ ECS students as interns and graduates and to be involved in our teaching and research activities. These range from huge multinationals to local start-ups, from companies in which our graduates are already prominent to others which have become aware of the quality of our students through employing an ECS graduate or intern. Each week during term we hold three company career presentations for our students (most recently including Facebook, Arm, American Express, Skyscanner, Visa, and Goldman Sachs), at the same time aiming to ensure companies are aware of our research partnership opportunities.

The majority of ECS students pursue technical careers as software developers, app or web developers, technology consultants, electronics design engineers, systems engineers, or power engineers. Around 50 roles a month are advertised directly to students through the ECS Careers Hub, in addition to those advertised through the University’s Careers Service.

Our annual departmental Engineering and Technology Careers Fair (running since 2008) attracts over 80 companies at the forefront of technology development, ranging from blue chips such as Accenture, Dyson, Bloomberg, Cisco, and Roke, to consultancies such as Cambridge Consultants, TTP, Newton and MThree, and to recent start-ups in innovative technology areas, such as Quantexa,, and Jazz Networks. Many of our students undertake summer and 12-month placements with these companies during their degrees (often joining them on graduation) and many of the companies are also our research partners and advisers – including BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, Arm, Roke, and Northrop Grumman.