Foreword from the Head of Estates and Facilities

Harper Adams University is a unique working, academic and living environment with an enviable reputation. The University is the UK’s top-rated modern university, the only post-1992 institution to ever make into the Times Top 30, Gold award in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)  and a top ten performance in teaching quality and student experience. 

The University provides specialist higher education across a broad range of subjects relating to the land, food and the environment and the businesses associated with them. It has the largest population of undergraduate agriculture students in the UK, the only undergraduate provision in agricultural engineering and a thriving postgraduate community. The University is known for its strong applied research capabilities and close relationships to the industries with which it works; keeping true to the aims of the institution’s founder in supporting high quality, practical and theoretical education. 

The University’s estate is a distinctive and beautiful environment for both living, learning and working. With a rich variety of building stock, the campus successfully blends historic buildings with up to date modern facilities. The campus is in keeping with the rural location, but does not sacrifice any of the innovations, technology and forward thinking necessary of higher education institutions today. This is reflected in the excellence of the University’s research and the year on year high student satisfaction surveys.

The University Estates and Facilities team is relatively small but very adaptable, focussed and successful. The estates team has been recognised for its success through winning and being shortlisted for Times Higher Awards as well as awards for sustainability projects. The roles of the Estates and Facilities team is absolutely critical to the delivery of the University’s longer term aims, maintaining day to day operations and making sure the campus is safe and compliant. Supported by strong and direct management and governance, the Estates and Facilities team builds on the University’s traditions and historic fabric whilst moving the institution forward through new ideas, technology and innovation. Such an approach is necessary with the University ’s strategic plan for growth in student numbers, the need to demonstrate worldwide excellence in research and meet strict environmental targets becoming ever more challenging.

The University is seeking talented and committed individuals with expertise in their respective fields who are adaptable, hands-on and can bring innovation to a forward-looking Estates and Facilities team to enable the University to meet those challenges. 

We hope that the information provided within this website will be helpful to those considering an application for these important roles and, should you decide to apply, we look forward to welcoming you to Harper Adams University. 

Dr Catherine Baxter

University Secretary

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