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Mechanical Services & BEMS Technical Supervisor

Harper Adams University is the leading UK Higher Education (HE) institution focused on the land-based and food supply-chain sectors with an important national role in these subject areas.

Situated on a single campus in rural and scenic Shropshire, the University, and its surrounding area, provide an excellent working and living environment for staff and students alike, yet the University campus is only one hour from the UK’s second city of Birmingham. Around 3,000 HE students attend the University, primarily on sandwich courses which include a year-long industrial placement. Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are offered. The University also welcomes individuals who wish to undertake CPD or similar professional training to support their careers in the agri-food chain and rural industries.

The Estates and Facilities Team


The Estates and Facilities Department provides a number of essential services to Harper Adams University and is responsible for managing, maintaining and developing the infrastructure and building fabric of the campus and outlying properties, including:


  • Undertaking and regularly reviewing a maintenance programme which takes account of short, medium and long term needs of all estate’s buildings and infrastructure.
  • Implementing planned maintenance works identified and funded within the various maintenance programmes as well as providing reactive maintenance dealing with day-to day requirements, including the provision of an out-of-hours emergency service.
  • Providing a professional, technical service to the University for the design, construction and procurement of capital projects including new buildings, refurbishment/ remodeling of existing buildings and demolitions.
  • Identifying and recording the use of space and advising on ways of increasing space utilisation.
  • Procuring and managing utilities and services.
  • Providing postal, delivery and security/ portering arrangements and advice to the University.
  • The delivery of a wide-range of customer-facing services, including: Estates Maintenance Services Help Desk: Capital & Development, CAD and CAFM services, Contract/ Project Management: Facilities and Sustainability, Housekeeping and Cleaning, Business Resilience, Reception, Business Support. Management Information. Security & Portering Services.


Main Duties and Responsibilities


The role is key to maintaining University functions and will assist the Estates Maintenance Services Manager in leading the operational maintenance team focusing upon critical, essential, non-essential and asset operational maintenance. Reporting to the Estates Maintenance Services Manager.

The Mechanical Services and BEMS Technical Services Supervisor will be responsible for the delivery of planned preventative and reactive maintenance of the Mechanical Services and BEMS across the University, ensuring adherence to operational, regulatory and University compliance requirements.

The Mechanical Services and BEMS Technical Services Supervisor will be a credible, skilled crafts person with in-depth technical knowledge and experience who will work across the University estate including within commercial, agricultural, educational, industrial, residential and technical buildings as well as the buildings of University tenants and buildings that the University may be a tenant of.

The Mechanical Services and BEMS Technical Services Supervisor will lead and manage the Mechanical Services and BEMS team with a flexible, customer focused approach.

The post-holder will co-ordinate and participate in the on-call rota for out-of-hours requests and emergency situations, which will require the essential carrying and use of a mobile phone for communications. This provision has been factored into the grade of the post.

The Post Holder will be a committed, friendly, team player who is keen to progress.

  1. Lead the operational Mechanical Services maintenance team focusing upon critical, essential, non-essential and asset operational maintenance and will be responsible for the delivery of planned preventative and reactive maintenance of Mechanical Services across the University estate, ensuring adherence to operational, regulatory and University compliance requirements.
  2. Manage the preparation, prioritisation, co-ordination and delivery of projects and work programmes, including planned works, long term maintenance, one off projects and business improvements.
  3. Provide professional leadership, guidance and advice on Mechanical Engineering Services and BMS to the Estates maintenance, development and projects teams to meet the HAU Estates and Facilities strategic priorities
  4. Manage the undertaking of all Mechanical Services work across the estate, appropriate to the grade, including day-to-day Mechanical Services reactive and planned maintenance, as well as the installation and testing of statutory equipment.
  5. Undertake the responsibility of Mechanical Services work on the University Campus complete with operational duties and the associated essential documentation for audit of Fire Safety Precautions.
  6. Respond to or arrange to be responded to emergency call outs relevant to the Trade including, but not limited to, sewage pump alarms, water treatment and borehole alarms and energy centre alarms. Ensure that all alarm information is recorded including times, dates, response and rectification undertaken.
  7. In collaboration with other Technical Services Supervisors, develop and implement maintenance and other service standards.
  8. Be a superuser administrator of the Building Energy Management System to the extent that alarms can be interpreted, actions and the system reset.
  9. From time to time undertake the work of any trade, for which the operative has received the necessary training and instruction.
  10. Carry out certain tasks in conditions commensurate with the type and nature of the work, associated with such a role providing these are all carried out in accordance with a risk assessment and method statement with necessary personal protective equipment including, but not limited to, moving and lifting heavy equipment, working at height, working within confined spaces, working with fragile roofing, working with live Mechanical equipment, working with live services and working on a site where asbestos is present.
  11. Maintain and wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required. Ensure that members of the Mechanical Services workers are supplied with, wear and maintain PPE as required by the risk assessments and method statements for the activities that they undertake.
  12. Organise and schedule resources, including stock control and keeping records of materials and equipment stocked and used. Organise the purchase of additional materials and equipment ensuring that these are adequately recorded, controlled and procured to deliver value for money.
  13. Where materials or components arise from works that could foreseeably be useful for future works, then ensure these are carefully removed, cleaned as necessary, stored and recorded.
  14. Identify and report hazards on University sites and buildings, acting to resolve matters directly within the Mechanical
  15. Advise and lead on the maintenance requirements of new and existing buildings and shared infrastructure and ensure proper familiarisation of staff on new Mechanical elements; oversee the handover and commissioning of projects, installations etc. and advise on any ongoing requirements/ amendments to equipment, procedures or specifications.
  16. Carry out or arrange to be carried out all necessary servicing, testing and resupply with the relevant chemicals of the HAU water treatment works including all boreholes, pumping stations, water treat stations, storage tanks and meters.
  17. Assist the University Engineer to carryout risk assessments of the water systems to the University and the Farm, making suitable contingency plans to ensure adequate continuous supply based on a priority basis.
  18. Assist the University Engineer using analysis of metering, supply and consumption data and carry out monitoring of water leaks on campus both within buildings and within the infrastructure. Diagnose and rectify any leaks found as quickly as possible with minimum disruption to the University and the Farm.
  19. Where water supplies need to be isolated, make sure that this is undertaken in a planned manner with full communication to users at the University and the Farm with contingency plans in place in the event that a risk assessment identified the criticality of the supply to operation.
  20. Carry out or arrange to be carried out all necessary servicing, testing and treatment of the swimming pool including monitoring of the pool water.
  21. Liaise with outside agencies, local authorities, suppliers and visitors to ensure the safe and secure delivery of services in respect of the Mechanical remit. Where necessary, make the necessary applications for statutory approvals required by Mechanical works.
  22. Contribute to collaborative decision making within the team with service provision to deliver an excellent stakeholder experience in accordance with policy and procedures.
  23. In collaboration with other Technical Services Supervisors, develop and implement maintenance and other service standards.
  24. Draft minor project briefs to support maintenance projects, designs, documentation, specifications, and technical standards.
  25. Manage setting of specifications, schedule of duties, tendering, setting up of contracts, service delivery, contract administration (including performance management) and sign off of works for of external contracting service providers within the Mechanical remit.
  26. Manage the in-house teams as appropriate to the Mechanical remit including setting and agreeing priorities for the work, scope and specification, service delivery and sign off upon completion.
  27. Ensure the accurate and timely compilation and ongoing maintenance of essential asset and conditional records and data. Provide information, advice, guidance and instruction to Estates colleagues and other service providers undertaking inspections, surveys, risk assessments, feasibility studies and diagnostic fault finding and initiate appropriate actions; establish the most practical and effective resolution of problems.
  28. Clearly define roles and responsibilities of the Mechanical Services team.
  29. Liaise with Estates Capital and Development teams to ensure that maintenance needs of Mechanical Services arising from new construction and major refurbishment are recognised, recorded and planned for. Carry out pre-handover testing, inspecting and commissioning.
  30. Apply theory and practice, from academic and professional development and previous knowledge within a service team.
  31. Keep abreast of technical developments, best practice, statutory, legal and legislative changes, health & safety legislation and Construction (Design Management) obligations in respect of Mechanical scope.
  32. Participate in continuous professional development, keeping a detailed log of all training courses undertaken and retaining certificates to be able to evidence development upon reasonable request.
  33. Provide and arrange to be provided suitable training to the Estates Maintenance team on Mechanical Services and BEMS matters in line with statutory requirements, the expected day to day activities of the team and to develop the skillsets in line with the ongoing requirements of the University, seeing that staff maintain their development records including retaining certificates.
  34. Develop and contribute to the development of departmental Mechanical policies and ensure that these are being adopted.
  35. To establish a system of safety rules and procedures wherever Mechanical Services work is being carried out or ensure that contractors brought in to do the work have appropriate rules and procedures, including risk assessments and method statements, before any works are commenced.
  36. Manage the HAU gas installations and systems compliance and take managerial responsibility, including acting as Responsible Person, for the day-to-day management of HAU’s gas installations and systems compliance with current regulations, Estates Policy and SOP.
  37. Plan and organise the Mechanical Services workload and resources with or without involvement with project work streams, including discussing the necessary precautions and emergency procedures with workers. Where follow-on or prior trades are required as part of any Mechanical works then make sure all activities are fully coordinated to be carried out efficiently, with the minimum of disruption and in a timely manner.
  38. Plan, organise and coordinate the isolation/shut down of critical Mechanical building services including shared infrastructure to enable access for essential maintenance and repair work as well as planned interventions required by capital projects. As far as possible to minimise disruption and inconvenience to building users – liaise as necessary with Estates’ teams, contractors and building users.
  39. Ensure that any Mechanical shutdown is fully communicated to the University Information Services team and plan shutdowns in coordination with same to mitigate any damage to equipment or potential loss of the IT network.
  40. Resolve technical queries and requests for information in a timely manner where required, managing the process for identifying specialist technical advice to address complex queries or issues and making arrangements for the economical procurement of such advice.
  41. Identify those people who are competent and have knowledge and experience of the Mechanical system to be worked on. Prohibit unauthorised, unqualified or untrained people to work Mechanical systems.
  42. Ensure the external Mechanical contractors carrying out maintenance work on the University Estate are competent to supervise the work with the necessary certification and qualifications, with the level of supervision being appropriate to the danger and competence of those carrying out the work.
  43. Generally, coordinate Mechanical with other estates maintenance work streams to ensure the most effective and efficient use of resources and minimum of disruption to the University activities.
  44. Develop and manage programmes of work to ensure statutory compliance with current legislative requirements and standards, ensuring records are maintained demonstrating completion within required timescales.
  45. Support, develop and manage planned maintenance programmes and monitor their delivery through a range of internal and external service providers ensuring records are maintained demonstrating completion within required timescales.
  46. Support and advise operational and project teams in the planning and coordination of work to resolve Mechanical Services problems, breakdowns or recurring problems.
  47. Plan and organise inspections and surveys including insurance and statutory inspections. Develop and manage work plans to ensure that remedial works are carried out effectively, economically and within required timescales by in-house or external service providers, updating asset and conditional records as required.
  48. Plan, manage, organise and undertake work on Mechanical Services as far as reasonable possible to minimise disruption and inconvenience to building occupants in the working areas or adjacent to the working areas where these might foreseeably be affected. Make sure all as necessary communication is undertaken with people who might be affected by the works.
  49. Prepare all necessary health and safety documents, risk assessments and method statements concerning Mechanical activities across the estate’s environments. Ensure that all Mechanical activities are undertaken in accordance with these method statements.
  50. Undertake diagnostic fault finding and technical problem resolution in respect of Mechanical issues in collaboration with Estates colleagues using building management systems, technical documents, drawings and site investigations to provide advice and guidance on optimum remedial actions where a range of options are possible and operational risks must be considered. Network and liaise with other professionals externally where necessary.
  51. Analyse technical issues and provide advice on working methods and procedures to optimise efficiency, productivity and cost effectiveness.
  52. Establish the operational, practical and financial viability of maintenance strategies and the technical resolution of complex problems.
  53. Review finished work, assessing quality and efficiency and signoff as completed ensuring that where required all necessary certification and statutory approvals are in place and recorded.
  54. Using data from inspections and surveys undertaken in house or from outside surveyors and professionals, make decisions on the priority maintenance, repair or replacement works taking account of associated operational, business and financial risks.
  55. Make decisions concerning the scheduling and coordination of work daily and monthly where several factors must be considered, including disruption to important University activity, inconvenience to building users, availability of appropriately skilled service providers, delivery of parts and materials and coordination with other estates maintenance and capital activities, with productivity and service level requirements in mind.
  56. Provide information and technical advice to Estates’ senior managers that may significantly influence decision making in respect of maintenance strategy, programmes, service levels and expenditure. Manage escalation of serious Mechanical failures to the Estates Maintenance Services Manager.
  57. Maintain regular close working with Estate colleagues, working collaboratively to manage an effective and coordinated service delivery.
  58. Provide knowledge, expertise and professional advice to several operational Estates colleagues and the University community as required.
  59. Persuade, influence and negotiate through regular relationship building with key client groups at an operational level to maintain a quality service.
  60. Maintain constructive professional relationships with framework contractors, working collaboratively and undertaking regular performance reviews to ensure effective service delivery.
  61. All other duties and responsibilities commensurate with the post and the salary range of the grade.


Key Requirements

  • Be legal to drive University vehicles transporting the required equipment to various sites across the University.
  • Attend all training and development, as required.
  • Participate in the on-call rota for out-of-hours situations.

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